When in Mexico

9th May 2018
Recently some of the team here at O&B jetted off to Cancun and since they’ve come back, it’s been the hot topic of our offices (I’m not jealous one bit, nope)! Whilst out there, they did manage to find some time in between partying, sunbathing, relaxing, drinking and all the other fun stuff to do an O&B photoshoot with one of our models, Noah Todd. So, to celebrate the blue skies and sunny spells we’ve been having in this country, here’s a few of our favourite images the team...
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Life’s a beach when you pack right – Top 5 beach must haves

2nd May 2018
​It’s almost that time again to pack our bags for a week or two and enjoy nothing but sun, sand, and sea. But before that, comes the stress of what to actually pack your suitcase with. Do you buy a whole new summer wardrobe? Did you pack enough underwear? Are 10 bottles of sun cream really necessary? Packing is a nightmare and lucky for you, we’ve picked out a few key essentials every guy needs for his trip away, just so you can relax the day before your flight!   1....
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